The prompt for day 2 of the #springhashtagchallenge (with @edinburghwithkids and @littlepaperswan ) is #bloom

Here is my contribution for the day. Been feeling inspired by Spring and all it brings. Also been doing in a bit of paper collage, just because. I must say it was rather therapeutic. Oh and of course cup of tea was not far away!

Hope you all find time to do something you enjoy.


Make time

Find a way

Just a little each day

Find something

Carved by you

Something that’s yours

For you

Make a moment

Be in bloom


Happy page turning x

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Gather, share and eat

Easter Sunday has arrived,

Joy and excitement are all around

As little feet skip across the ground

Following a map – a hunt, a trail of treasures to be found.

The basket swings to-and-fro,

Patiently waiting to be filled

Soon enough hints of splendour are revealed.

Multicoloured ovals – glimmering in the light

Encasing hollow chocolate treats

To gather, share and eat.

Happy Easter everyone & happy page turning x

Words and image copyright Lisa Moralee McLardy

Snow day on the second day of spring

A snow day on the second day of spring

An unusual celebration – what will the day bring?

World Book Day and snowy terrain

The perfect setting to tell a tale

Of a boy 3.4 feet tall, age 4


He set out on a journey this morn

To create a wonderland not of winter but spring

He started with snow butterflies decorated with twigs shaped in rings

He built a snowman – because he wanted to

With sunglasses and a peak cap

A smile made of petals and a banana nose – as Mum used all the carrots in the stew


The snowman pointed the way to a powdery landscape

A worthy spot to build a castle – which turned out to look more like an igloo

But it will do

Find a special spot to bury treasure

Then man the castle and protect the grounds

Be prepared for potential snowy battles

Care was taken to make a mound of snow balls

And a great big wall

A fortress fit for a king – age 4 and 3.4 feet tall

No battle was had in the end

So he practised his swing hitting snowballs with a baseball bat


A snow day on the second day of spring

An unusual celebration

What fun it sure did bring

Time to retreat to enjoy hot chocolate and a hot cross bun

Then snuggle up with a book or two

Telling tales of kings and castles, snowmen and heroes


Words and image Copyright Lisa Moralee McLardy