Book review: Fish by Fiona Watt, Usborne Publishing Ltd

Fish by Fiona Wells, Usborne Publishing Ltd

I’m realising more and more how precious memories are attached to the stories we read to our little people. I love rereading certain titles and reminiscing about milestones, family trips or reading in the fort on a rainy day. We have a few memories attached to this brightly illustrated cloth book entitled Fish, a Usborne cloth book written by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells. Like may of our favourites books I gladly know it off by heart.

“Freddie the fish follows the bubbles…” on an adventure to find his friend Frankie. We meet a few friendly sea creatures along the way including starfish, a crab and jellyfish.

Every time we turn these pages it brings a smile. This was Owen’s first cloth book, he kept it in the bed with him during nap time and loved making crab claws with his hands when Freddie the fish swims “in front of the crab with big claws…”

Eventually when Owen started to talk he would call out ‘fish‘or ‘crab‘. My most favourite part was when Freddie says “Hello Frankie! I been trying to find you.” At this point Owen would shout out ‘Hello Frankie, I’m Bibim!’ (this was what Owen Called himself for ages).

Fish has recently become one of Carson’s favourite books. We told him all about Owen’s adaption of the story and he thinks it’s halarious. Both boys laugh every time we get to the end of the story and say ‘Hello Frankie, I’m Bibim.’

We all recommend making your own special memories and reading Fish.

Title: Fish

Author: Fiona Watt

Illustrator: Rachel Wells

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd

Happy page turning x

(C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

Braver, Smarter, Stronger…

Say this aloud with me “you are braver than you believe, smarter than you seem and stronger than you think.” (A.A. Milne)

It’s true, you know. The wisdom of Winnie-the-Pooh (A. A Milne) cannot be denied. Unfortunately negativity is an easier default and too often self doubt creeps in and takes hold. When this happens a reminder is required and welcomed to let you know that you are in fact braver, smarter, stronger. My lovely husband sent this quote to me recently and it served as much needed reset button.

I have put this quote on what is to become ‘sticky note wall of wisdom’ (our fridge). This being the first of many reminders, pick-me-ups, uplifts of positivity.

If you have an awe-inspiring quote that serves as your own reset button please share below we would love to hear it 🙂

Happy page turning x

Snow day on the second day of spring

A snow day on the second day of spring

An unusual celebration – what will the day bring?

World Book Day and snowy terrain

The perfect setting to tell a tale

Of a boy 3.4 feet tall, age 4


He set out on a journey this morn

To create a wonderland not of winter but spring

He started with snow butterflies decorated with twigs shaped in rings

He built a snowman – because he wanted to

With sunglasses and a peak cap

A smile made of petals and a banana nose – as Mum used all the carrots in the stew


The snowman pointed the way to a powdery landscape

A worthy spot to build a castle – which turned out to look more like an igloo

But it will do

Find a special spot to bury treasure

Then man the castle and protect the grounds

Be prepared for potential snowy battles

Care was taken to make a mound of snow balls

And a great big wall

A fortress fit for a king – age 4 and 3.4 feet tall

No battle was had in the end

So he practised his swing hitting snowballs with a baseball bat


A snow day on the second day of spring

An unusual celebration

What fun it sure did bring

Time to retreat to enjoy hot chocolate and a hot cross bun

Then snuggle up with a book or two

Telling tales of kings and castles, snowmen and heroes


Words and image Copyright Lisa Moralee McLardy





Garden Adventure

Dad and I went into the garden to play,
It’s full of adventure Owen, Dad said.
Let’s start by looking in the flower bed.
I see lots of roses and buttercups too,
Don’t forget the snail and its trail of goo.
Next we roll around on the grass,
Let’s see how long we can last.
Dad gets tired and stands up straight,
I’ll race you to the wind chime hanging on the gate.
I get there first and smile with glee,
Dad says well done, you are much faster than me.
Now the pond with the swimming fish,
I know Dad, let’s make a wish.
After a grumble in my tummy I say,
I know just what to wish for after all that playing.
Just then I hear Mum saying,
Lunch is ready you two.
I look up at Dad and grin,
I’ll race you, let see who will win.

Words & image (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy 2018

Little Bear

Little Bear 2

Come and sit with me Little Bear,

Sit and stare at the starry sky.

Wait a while, be patient

It has something to share,

A wonder that that comes at special time of year.

Though it’s different now as you are here.

Now I have something to share.

Aurora Borealis can’t wait to see you.

Sit with me Little Bear,

Sit with me and stare at the starry sky.

The Northern Lights are here.

A welcome warm for Little Bear.

They stop for a moment and stare at you.

Then soar across the sky.

A river of bright, colours delight,

A rainbow at midnight.

Each year we’ll share this wonder,

Forever more special, because you are here.

Words and image (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy 2018