I’ve learned to rather observe than seek

Sometimes sunshine and rain collaborate to create a rainbow
Each time they do it’s a fantastic sight
Colours vibrant,
Colours bright
I’ve tried to capture all the rainbows unique
But I’ve learned to rather observe than seek
Moments created to stay with me,
Long after they find new skies and flee

©️Lisa Moralee McLardy

Sometimes sunshine and rain collaborate to create a rainbow
( Illustration created using Procreate 5)

Lego facilitates imagination

Emmet and Rex visited for brunch!

Lego facilitates imagination in all kinds of ways. The possibilities are endless and who knows what will be created next.

My 5 year old, Owen, decided brunch was on the creative menu and of course Emmet and Rex (his current favourite Lego figures) joined in the fun. (The raptors must have had a prior engagement😂). I love the coffee machine behind Owen and Carson, hopefully it makes tea too 😂

Happy page turning and creating x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

Imagination + creativity = magic

My 5 year old son (Owen) absolutely loves Lego. Ever since he turned 2 and was gifted his first Duplo set he has been a big fan. He started playing with Lego (or little Lego as we call it) around age 4.

We rarely go a day without some kind of Lego play. I particularly love it when he makes his own creations or his own “Lego sets” as he calls them. It’s awesome to see his imagination come to life in all kinds of forms and scenarios.

I thought it would be fun to take his builds and edit them. I had such a great time editing this image, more so because I couldn’t wait to show the boys the end result! Here Owen and Carson are off on a magical adventure with a wolf for a steed.

If I can carve out enough time I am hoping to post more of Owen’s creations soon 😀

Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy