Snow day on the second day of spring

A snow day on the second day of spring An unusual celebration – what will the day bring? World Book Day and snowy terrain The perfect setting to tell a tale Of a boy 3.4 feet tall, age 4   He set out on a journey this morn To create a wonderland not of winterContinue reading “Snow day on the second day of spring”

Dog says “woof, woof, woof”

Dog says “woof, woof, woof” Cat says meow, meow, meow” Sooner or later you’ll start to wonder what they are saying to each other Dog’s ball rolled through a hole in the fance and he asks Cat to go and get it Cat agrees and springs with ease, landing on her feet The ball rolledContinue reading “Dog says “woof, woof, woof””

Garden Adventure

Dad and I went into the garden to play, It’s full of adventure Owen, Dad said. Let’s start by looking in the flower bed. I see lots of roses and buttercups too, Don’t forget the snail and its trail of goo. Next we roll around on the grass, Let’s see how long we can last.Continue reading “Garden Adventure”

Little Bear

Come and sit with me Little Bear, Sit and stare at the starry sky. Wait a while, be patient It has something to share, A wonder that that comes at special time of year. Though it’s different now as you are here. Now I have something to share. Aurora Borealis can’t wait to see you.Continue reading “Little Bear”