The importance of sharing hobbies and interests with our children


We recently had our first family camping trip at Cape Henlopen State Park. My husband and I used to go camping many years ago when we lived in South Africa and we couldn’t wait to share this experience with them for the first time. The boys were so excited to sleep in a tent and sleeping bags. We adored watching them explore and try something new.

Our interests influence our children

We have been wondering if Owen and Carson’s interest in camping will continue into adulthood. As my kids are growing I am realising more and more how our own interests and hobbies influence our children and their world. It may be your love of music, cooking, exercise or cars. Maybe your passion for art, sports or recycling. It’s all a part of their world because it’s a part of yours.

I have been holding on to my first digital camera, Canon PowerShot A540, for a while now. Owen has shown a great interest in taking his own photos. I wonder if this is because we litteraly have taken thousands of photos of both Owen and Carson or maybe because he sees it being a part of his world. He watches us enjoy taking photos and being passionate about photography. Or maybe this is his destiny and ultimately he would always be inclined to look through a lens and snapshot his world.

During a quiet moment on the beach, while Carson played with Daddy near the water, I gave Owen his new camera. This was one of those special moments. You know, the ones you hold between your hand and heart. One of those moments that you hope you will always be able to return to and remember every detail – his joy, excitement and appreciation. Through watery eyes and a new reason to smile I watched as he looked through the viewfinder, watched as he found focus.


Maybe this will be your passion or maybe this will be something you enjoy for a while before you find something new. For now while you express interest I will teach you all I can and at the same time learn with you. We will discover new together. Perhaps when Carson is older you will be the one to share and teach.

These are a few of Owen’s photographs

What are your interests?

What are you passionate about?

What are your hobbies?

Maybe it’s on the shelf, on hold for a while. Maybe it’s in the garage collecting dust, maybe it’s in the corner of the room waiting for your rediscovery. Everyday you see it and say tomorrow I will find time. This is not a judgement as I too left my passion on the shelf, with the greatest of intentions of finding time.

After becoming a parent I barely had time to brush my hair. I couldn’t imagine allocating time for hobbies. Somehow over time I found a way to make time. I changed my mindset and realised that a little each day or week goes a long way. I mostly make time at night after the boys are in bed. There are still days when I can’t even find the hairbrush but I strive to keep the shelf clear, to keep exploring and learning.

Make time to indulge in your passion

Make time to rediscover your interests or your hobby. Not only will it benefit you, as you are making time to do something you enjoy but your children will also benefit. Take the opportunity to teach, learn, share and create together.

Remember that your passion may not be theirs but while you share yours you help them to discover their own interests, likes and dislikes etc. Ultimately we are giving them tools for life to try and explore, practice and share.

Thoughts on how to help your kids develop interests and hobbies

1. Facilitate discovery

Help your kids choose a topic/hobby by helping them to discover new things

⁃ Share your hobby or interest with your children

⁃ Find new ones together

⁃ Give them the opportunity to explore new things to find their own interests

2. Harness interest

Help your kids learn about their chosen topic/hobby

– Teach them what you know

– Show them how find information through resources like books, a local library, museums etc.

– Take them to related events like a sports game, music festival etc.

3. Nurture passion

Practice makes perfect as the saying goes

⁃ Continue to explore interests together

– Make time to practice

Offer lcontinued support and advice

I hope that my boys will discover their own passions, one or many. I hope they will nourish their creativity. And as we help them along the way we will continue to learn and discover.

This has been a long blog post, possibly the longest one I have written. If you are still with me, thanks for reading. I couldn’t finish of this post without a poem, something I am passionate about.


Discover new and learn about you

We’ll tell you tales of discovery,

Share interests and journeys

Soon enough you’ll

Begin your own

With tools to discover

Go find and enquire

Learn and grow

Try and wonder

Discover new,

Learn about you





Happy page turning and hobby sharing x

©️Lisa Moralee McLardy

What inspires you to create?

I like to find inspiration from experiences of all varieties. Things we do or experience or learn about.

As of late I have found inspiration from frequent little visitors who illuminate the night. Fascinating fireflies of course! This is something I haven’t experienced before so it’s all new and exciting and the latest inspiration for a poem!

A collaborative solo

Fireflies stopped by

Lighting the sky with their reasons why

Shining bulbs of light

In a moment out of sight

Soon enough repeated

A unique show,

sporadic glow

A holistic spectacle,

Of unsyncronised light

A collaborative solo

Illuminating the night

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy


The prompt for day 2 of the #springhashtagchallenge (with @edinburghwithkids and @littlepaperswan ) is #bloom

Here is my contribution for the day. Been feeling inspired by Spring and all it brings. Also been doing in a bit of paper collage, just because. I must say it was rather therapeutic. Oh and of course cup of tea was not far away!

Hope you all find time to do something you enjoy.


Make time

Find a way

Just a little each day

Find something

Carved by you

Something that’s yours

For you

Make a moment

Be in bloom


Happy page turning x

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Hold on tight to the string

Just over year ago I felt inspired to start this blog and instagram account (@abrightblueballoon). I had just started illustrating the children’s book I wrote about a bright blue balloon (entitled A Wonderful Thing to Win).

I have always loved to write and its been a part of my journey for quite some time. Additionally I have always loved art and being creative, this unfortunately was put on the shelf for a while. It was something I ironically never had time for.

My children have provided me with a world of creativity and joy which has lead to a rediscovery. An opportunity to clear the dust and explore. This is a place to share and be creative. It’s not easy to allocate time to this space with little ones but I am grateful when I do manage to make time. is place to share stories, poems, drawings, photos and books we love. So far I love seeing where the bright blue balloon will float to next, what will we discover and where will it be?

This is a poem inspired by the bright blue balloon journey and the pages we turn.

Hold on tight to the string

Tie a loop in the string,

hold on tight

To the blue balloon, so bright

Float up, up ,up

And begin…

Soar through journeys told,

And yet to be discovered,

Journeys far or just a step in the cupboard,

Journeys with an important date – not to be late,

Journeys to woods of enchantment or caves of wonders

Look below

Remember the things you know

Look up

Soar high

Roam the sky

Question why

Learn the reasons

Enter worlds of imagination

Epic wonders,

Unique creations

Hold on tight to

The loop on the string

Absorb everything

Take a moment,

Take many

Pause and reflect

Before you float down, down, down

Reach the last page,

With the looming full stop


It’s complete

You are still you but more

Different to before

The words stay with you

They are now a part of your existence

Let them inspire

Let them be free

Until the next journey begins,

With the turn of a page

And once more you float up, up ,up




Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

Happy Pancake Day!

It’s pancake day, yay! This post was from last year but I wanted to share it again.

Hope you get a chance to enjoy some pancakes for breakfast, lunch or dinner.


Pancakes for breakfast and dinner too

Maybe a salad for lunch – yes that will do

Gather the ingredients there are seven on the list

Get ready to mix

2 cups of flour, 2 and a half teaspoons of baking powder, 3 tablespoons of sugar and a pinch of salt.

In a separate bowl beat two eggs and 1 and a half to 2 cups of milk. Then add to the dry ingredients and mix, mix, mix

Lastly add two tablespoons of melted butter until you have a silky smooth batter.

Heat up a pan – not too hot that it splatters.

Cook and flip repeatedly, it should make a lot.

Decorate with blueberries and banana

Don’t forget a drizzle from the maple syrup pot

Pancakes for breakfast and dinner too

Happy Pancake Day to you!


*We enjoy having pancakes every Saturday/Sunday for brunch. We have a few allergies in the household so we usually substitute flour with gluten free flour, butter with dairy free spread, milk with soya milk and eggs with egg replacer. They still turn out yummy and the boys love them.

Copyright (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy 2018

Find a moment to take a moment

The weekend is here (the last weekend of January!) Busy moments have already taken hold in our home. Feels like everything is on fast forward. Has it been the same for you?

The beach always comes to mind when things get hectic.

One of our goals for the weekend it to find a moment to take a moment… .

Find a moment,

Take a moment

To evaluate

To breath

To rejuvenate

To appreciate

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

The bubbles stayed for a while…

The bubbles were invited to play

They floated up

And paused for a moment

Before landing gently in the ground

They decided to stay,

Observing the surroundings,

Reflecting light,

And creating colour

They stayed for a while

Until a curious giant

Could no longer wait to investigate

A quiet pop

Satisfied smile

And swift return to the swing…


©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

If you could only use one hashtag what would it be? #hashtagpoetry

If you could only use one hashtag what would it be?

#Am free

#Wanna be

#Am writing


#Maybe more


#Go try it

#Seek to find


#Be inspired

#Mama bear is tired

#Sleep required

#Doughnuts are the best

#Our nest

#Have a look

#You will find

#One of a kind

#A world away

#A word a day

#A place to unwind

#Kind community

#WordPress community

#Join me



Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy