Summer cleaning is the new spring cleaning at our house

We are determined to have a spring clean at the moment or as it’s a little late let’s call it a summer clean – that way I don’t feel disorganised having a late start. The list of tasks seems endless. And more often then not it feels like we are going round in circles.

Only little for a little

This week it feels like the home has been a constant mess. The more I tried to tidy up the worse it got. As one box was filled another was emptied. As one pile of clothing was folded another pile was unfolded and used as superhero attire. As the dishes where cleared I blinked and as if by magic an even bigger stack appeared – a very generous dish fairy indeed.

What did you believe before breakfast?

I am not the first to ask the question: when do we stop believing in the impossible? I assume is very subjective and different for everyone.