Tell yourself you CAN

Tell yourself you can, you’ll believe it eventually.

Tell yourself you can’t, you’ll believe it instantly.

It takes time to believe in yourself

A daily check-in of mindset,

Regular meetings,

Charts and the like

A flitter of light amongst the shadows of doubt.

It takes time to believe in yourself,

A daily check-in of mindset

Until eventually…

No meeting required,

New habit acquired

Tell yourself you can, you’ll believe it eventually.

(C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Craft: Honeycomb Pumpkins for Autumn & Halloween

Autumn is in full swing and you know that means an excuse to do crafts –  to be honest any excuse will do!

In April we made  decorative Easter Eggs out of honeycomb board. The kids had such a great time making these. They were made from recycled materials and made little mess. We couldn’t resist making pumpkins for Autumn and Halloween.


  • Honeycomb board
  • Seperated corrugated cardboard – cardboard box which has been peeled
  • Construction paper / magazines / newspaper / paper for recycling
  • Garbage bag twisites
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen
  • Green marker (or any one you choose)
  • Glue


  1. Draw a pumpkin shape on one side of the honeycomb board
  2. Cut out the shape
  3. Peel paper off one side of the shape
  4. Tear small pieces of construction paper (or magazines, newspaper etc)
  5. Crumple the small pieces of paper and place in the holes of the honeycomb board
  6. Cut a strip of corrugated cardboard (wide and long enough to go around the pumpkin shape, we used one strip for the pumpkin and a smaller one for the stem)
  7. Glue the corrugated strip and place around the pumpkin shape, add some sticky tape to help secure it to the shape)
  8. Take two a garbage bag twisties and colour it green (or any colour you wish)
  9. Tie one garbage tie strip around the stem of the pumpkin
  10. Twirl and attach the second garbage tie

Both boys (and I) really enjoyed making these pumpkins. Most of the materials were used were recycled. Clean up was pretty easy as it all went into the recycling box. It also gave the boys an opportunity to be creative with the colours they chose. Carson chose to make a purple pumpkin and Owen added black construction paper to make a Halloween pumpkin face.

We would love to know if you make your own honeycomb pumpkins. Take a photo and let us know in comments / Instagram @bright.blue.ballon / email abrigthblueballoon@gmail.com

Happy crafting x

I have a little dream…

Sometimes it takes longer to start then it does to finish.

We all have dreams that nag us. And it’s easy wait. To procrastinate and wait for the perfect time or moment to start.

But if you start today, even if it’s just 5 minuets then the journey begins and you will be on the path, the path that has a finish line.

I have a little dream

I have a little dream

It whispers in the morning “Please make time for me,

Just a little moment,

While you have a cup of tea.”

I make my dream a promise “Let’s check in a two”

Then I go about my day,

Listing things to do.

It’s all so very busy

And soon enough it’s two.

My dream is right on time,

But I’m nowhere to be seen…

I have a little dream,

It shouts in the evening “Where were you?”

I say “I’m very sorry,

Tomorrow is anew.

Let’s arrange a meeting,

Just me and you

I’ll be there, let’s make before two.”

My dream says “Will you really?

You’ve promised for a while.

I’ll only wait so long,

Make some time,

Don’t let it pass you by.”

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Image and text (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

Do you like to read physical books or books on an e-reader / tablet?

Do you like to read physical books or books on an e-reader / tablet?

I have to say I like both. I think they both have their benefits:

Physical Books

  • There is something about the smell of books (a breakdown of chemical compounds I believe) that encourages a moment to pause and imagine the journey you are about to embark
  • Using a bookmark! Just love a bookmark, especially one made by my kids
  • Being able to easily flip through the pages and refer back to a specific page or chapter
  • I think it’s also nice to physically see how big the book is and see how much you have read
  • It’s so awesome to share your books or donate them when you are finished

E-reader / Tablet

  • So lightweight and easy to take on your travels whether it’s on holiday or to a coffee shop
  • There are literally thousands of titles available at your fingertips at any time of day! Shopping in your pjs is not an issue
  • Provides a great way to discover new authors or try different genres

What do you think?

What are your thoughts? Let me know below 😉

Happy reading x

Image and text (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy 2019



Remember the caterpillar,

The caterpillar who decided to grow,

To sacrifice

And become more.

Without knowing the end result

The caterpillar followed instinct,

Instinct to be patient, adapt and change.

And it did,

Because it believed it could.

The caterpillar metamorphosed

Into a butterfly,

And with it’s mesmerising wings

Had the courage to fly.





Happy growing x

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©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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