My Books

Hoo at the Zoo

Its the last day of October, that means Halloween!
Owen and Carson are at the zoo for a picnic and treasure trail too.

Join them for some spooky fun and help them solve clues along the treasure trail.

Hoo at the Zoo is a rhyming picture book aimed at young children but can be enjoyed by all ages.

Stay Home, Little Bear

“Stay home, Little Bear
Take a moment,
Take care.”

Share a moment together and join Little Bear on a discovery.
Sit and stare at the starry sky. What will you see?
Be patient and you may just see a “river of bright” or “rainbow at midnight.”

This book has been inspired by our time at home and the continued discovery of creativity at home and in nature.

**Proceeds made from this book will be donated to heroes in our community making such a big difference during these uncertain times.**

Bright Blue Balloon

Owen and Carson win something special at the carnival …

A bright blue balloon.

“It floats on its own and has a long string, oh, what a wonderful thing to win!”

They have so much fun until it accidentally floats away. It reappears in an unexpected place.
In order to save it they make something using materials from the recycling box.
Join Owen and Carson on a great adventure to bring the bright blue balloon home.

Bright Blue Balloonis a picture book aimed at young children (but can be enjoyed by all ages). It has rhyming text and brightly colored illustrations.

Edinburgh City Festivity

“Joy to the World, its Christmas time.
Robins sing and jingle bells ring.
Reindeer fly and Snowmen smile.
All the while people sing carols and cheer”.

Where do you go when its the festive time of year and you are in Edinburgh City?

To the festive markets of course! Owen and Carson are wearing Christmas shirts and Santa hats. Join them on their adventure while they ride the train, go on rides and eat festive treats.
No to mention the tree maze and a visit with Santa who “tells a winter tale of elves, snow and a special reindeer with his nose aglow”.

Edinburgh City Festivity is a rhyming story aimed at young children but can be enjoyed by all ages.
The story was inspired by Edinburgh and its annual Christmas Markets.