I have always loved reading (and writing). I still remember sitting on the top bunk in my childhood bedroom reading Charlotte’s Web  (E. B. White) and shedding a tear. I remember going on an adventure with Alice while sitting beside my best friend, who too was reading her own copy of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland (Lewis Carroll). I remember enjoying an array of Roald Dahl titles with my big sister, sharing in the hilarity over the Twits’ tendencies and fright over The Witches.

This love is constant and true. I can’t walk past a book shop or library without feeling intrigued to scan the book shelves and turn the pages. Whist on holiday I have been known to shout out with great excitement “there’s the library!” There is something about the smell of books (a breakdown of chemical compounds I believe) that encourages a moment to pause and imagine the journey you are about to embark.

Now we ( my hubby and I) have the privilege of sharing our love of books and reading with our little people  (Owen age 4 and Carson age 1). Our home is bursting with children’s literature. I love watching them flick trough the pages while staring at the pictures, although Carson would rather chew them at times.

This blog/website is a place for us to share the books we love, quotes, poems and stories. Come along on a journey with us. Float away with the bright blue balloon and enter worlds both familiar and new.

Happy page turning x