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The well-made-for-wishing

Two steps (in the opposite direction to the one he thought he loved)

Was all it took




The love they shared was true

It was absolute, for a time.

But as the seconds ticked the relationship stalled,

Leaving shattered debris and uncared for hearts.

Unaccompanied he is left to contemplate,

To adjust,

To dream.

Time moved forward to reveal possibility.

For a while he coasted,

Hoping for extraordinary but accepting the norm.

Finally destiny realigned itself

And he journeyed with difference,

Knowing something would break the monotony.

Along the path he found a penny.

Examination revealed it too had a story to tell,

Passed from palm to palm, enticing soulmates to cross paths.

He placed it safely in his pocket

And followed the path to the well-made-for-wishing.

Unbeknown to our protagonist the penny slipped from

It’s safe haven, landing quietly on the lush grass.

Now soul mates are meant to be,

They search for each other and

Upon meeting the fall into familiarity

Igniting a connection established long ago.

An equally enticing search for love

Encouraged our heroine to journey along the same path.

A welcomed moment in the sun revealed a reflective penny,

Just waiting to be found.

The well-made-for-wishing, the keeper of extraordinary dreams, would accept this token,

And reveal her destiny.

Impatient to complete her task she followed the clouds and took a short cut.

On approach to the-well-made-for-wishing she held her breath

And held the penny close.

After a moment to embrace possibility

She closed her eyes and let fate draw the penny near

Seconds turned to minutes

She opened her eyes in tandem with her exhale.

She noticed him immediately

(Her soulmate-she knew)

He was frantically searching for something

(His token for the well)

His search halted as soon as his eyes locked with hers

There was no need

The search was complete.

Palm to palm they followed the clouds,

Starting their long accompanied journey.

Words and image ©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Fireworks remind me it’s August

I always know when August has arrived because around 10:20pm we can hear the fireworks from the Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo (I had the pleasure of attending the event a few years ago and it has become one of my treasured memories). A few evenings ago I was looking for some inspiration and almost immediately the sound of fireworks caught my attention. This poem and illustration followed.

The night canvas is silent, still



Buckets of colour rise up

And splash across the night sky,

As if Jackson Pollock stopped by

Moments of wonder

Colours galore

Faces in awe,

Hoping for more

An interval…



Another offering

Which colours will be

Red, no purple maybe

An array – all at once

Flashing sparks of colour,

Fill the sky repeatedly

Like Highland dancers,

They twirl and leap

Until the performance is complete

A moment of appreciation before

The crowd disperses




The night canvas returns once more






Happy page turning x

Words and image ©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Why wait until one day to do what you love?

Don’t wait until one day

To do what you love


Every duck has been discovered and placed in a row


You have found greener grass and watched it grow


You have cleared away all the winter snow

Deep down you know

Something is there

The subject of your daydream

Your personal creativity,

Whatever it be

Its waiting for you to take a chance

To accept the inspiration

And embrace initiation into a new existence,

The one you describe as one day

Why wait until one day to do what you love?

Today could be the day,

If you want it to be

The chance is yours make

Whatever it be,

Set your personal creativity free.

Words and image ©️Lisa Moralee McLardy

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While the tea brews

While the tea brews

I’ll think of you,

Plan my day,

Make a list of things to do

I’ll dream for a moment,

Just a moment

And contemplate impossible things

To make possible

I’ll pack away a dish or two

Remember the books that are overdue,

And subscriptions to renew

All while the tea brews

Words and image ©️Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Tell yourself you can

Tell yourself you can, you’ll believe it eventually.

Tell yourself you can’t, you’ll believe it instantly.

It takes time to believe in yourself

A daily check-in of mindset,

Regular meetings,

Charts and the like

A flitter of light amongst the shadows of doubt.

It takes time to believe in yourself,

A daily check-in of mindset

Until eventually…

No meeting required,

New habit acquired

Tell yourself you can, you’ll believe it eventually.

Words and image (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Standing at the edge of something

Standing at the edge of something,

A discovery,

Something of uncertainty.

Even so,

Curious though.


Heart racing.

Step forward for a closer look

Maybe it will pull me in,

Enlighten me,

Brighten me.

Maybe it will unlock greatness,

Just maybe.

A further step

Uncertainty remains

Right until the plunge

A new world follows,

A place of wonder and delight.

Words and image (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

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We blinked and you grew

This is the last week of term but for us (and many Mums and Dads we know) it’s the last week of nursery. In August our older son Owen will officially be in primary school or P1. Following many, many discussions with other parents it seems we are all emotional wrecks while the children are so excited and keep asking when is nursery over? When will I go to big school?

I find myself repeating the same questions and statements:

How is it already time for primary school?
It feels like we blinked and here we are.
When did they get so big?
I wish we could turn back time.

After crying at the kitchen table this morning (while our toddler, Carson, took full advantage and drew on the table) I forced myself to dig deep and find out why I feel so emotional. Primary School is indeed a huge milestone yet I feel..sad. When other important milestones were achieved such as crawling, first steps, first words we celebrated. All very well documented and stored on the cloud (with no real filing system, but that is for another day) and when the first day of P1 arrives we will no doubt give it equal attention and make sure everything is photographed and recorded.

Just as he was ready to crawl, walk and talk Owen is ready for the next phase of adventure. Don’t get me wrong we are so excited for the new phase (and all the art projects 🙂 but are not as ready as Owen is.

We always thought this time was way in the future and it’s arrived way too quickly! This is the beginning of more independence and more time away from us. And the reality is less cuddles, less opportunities to play together, less dependency, less how it is now.

Our well-known routine is about to change massively. It’s unknown and scary.

I have asked parents with older children if it gets easier, the answer is always no. Just as we get used to one routine they will grow and things will change. Is all part of the ‘joys of parenting’ as my Dad says.

I’m sure it will feel like this at the beginning of every school year, on the last day of primary, first day of high school, the first day of university, when they leave the nest, get married and so on and so forth. We can’t turn back time, we can’t stop time. So the only option is to embrace this time and all the times to come.

Through all these emotions and fear of change I have come to realise that there will be one constant, it will always be there through every milestone and can only grow stronger. Love.

Love for our little people as they become big people will always be.

When the day arrives hopefully we will feel ready and before you know it we will be consumed by a new routine that will become the new normal until it is just normal. We will still read and play and learn and grow. As our children grow we too will grow and learn as parents. We will have so many more exciting milestones and changes.

Pen to paper is usually my solution when all the emotions creep up. Here we go:

Your footprints in the sand


I’ve always watched your footprints beside mine in the sand,

Slowly growing and mostly running

I’ve been there to hold your hand

To catch you after stumbles

And to chase your quick getaways.

Now when I turn around I see…

I see how your footprints have grown,

I’m not sure how we got here so fast,

More than 1,700 days of joy.

One blink, maybe two and you grew

I remember how excited you got when we blew bubbles at the park

I remember how you called yourself ‘Bibbim’ instead of Owen

I remember the making robots and a cardboard shop from the recycling box

It’s all seems like yesterday is the cliche you will hear me say…a lot

I wish we could go back and experience everything again and again

I know that’s impossible

Instead I’ll reflect for a little

While watching you play

I see a confident, mind-blowing person

Ready to take new steps

Holding my hand a little less,

But brilliantly being you!

When I look forward I see a journey of greatness

I see a bigger version of you

I’ll still walk with you but I think you will lead the way more and more

In many ways you already do

No matter how big those footprints get

Never forget how strong you are

How talented, creative and precious

My footprints won’t be far behind

Always here for anything.

Let’s play now,

Run and make shapes in the sand

I smile as you hold my hand…

Happy page turning x

Words and image (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Is that a lion I hear?

It’s been a while since my last post as I have been working on a project but I have really missed everyone here and am so pleased to be back 🙂

This poem followed after seeing the lions at a recent zoo trip. It reminded me of a time when hubby and I took a walk around Corstorphine Hill, Edinburgh and heard a lion roar.

Is that a lion I hear?

Is that a lion I hear?

It can’t be,

I live in Scotland you see…

But again I hear a roar,

So familiar,

So dear.

A sound from home,

The place where he is king,

Where he roams.

Is that a lion I hear?

Couldn’t be,

I live in Scotland you see.

I’ve taken a walk to explore the land,

Corstorphine Hill,

Beautiful and grand

Views like no other,




I hear it again, that roar.

Tread carefully, that sound is true.


Perhaps I was mistaken.

Further steps lead to a realisation.

(Perhaps I should have known)

Corstorphine Hill has a neighbour, Edinburgh Zoo.

Amusement ensues.

Is that a lion I hear?

Yes it is, majestic and true.

Two homes, two hearts merge in two.

(C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Only little for a little

This week it feels like the home has been a constant mess. The more I tried to tidy up the worse it got.  As one box was filled another was emptied. As one pile of clothing was folded another pile was unfolded and used as superhero attire.  As the dishes where cleared I blinked and as if by magic an even bigger stack appeared – a very generous dish fairy indeed.

I do try to ignore the mess and not let it cause me stress, but it does – sometimes ridiculously so. As I continued to try (in vain) to clean it eventually dawned on me to just accept it. A sigh of relief, honestly. As if a pair of rose-coloured glasses instantly hid the mess and focused on little smiles. These are the words that followed:


Accept the mess
Have a small corner of your own –
If possible a neat and tidy one.
A haven to provide a sanity moment.

Accept the mess,
Deny the overwhelming stress
Rather embrace the opportunity to learn and play.
Why just yesterday we discovered something;
Roll a ball of play dough across the kitchen floor and will pick up some crumbs –
Who knew?
Add a frame around those scribbles on the wall,
You never know may just be the next generation’s Picasso

Accept the mess
Sooner or later the fort will lose its intrigue
And the little ones will move onto something more inviting,
Perhaps of the sticky variety,
Maybe this is where a distraction in the form of a snack is required.

Accept the mess,
Deny the overwhenling stress.
Little ones are only little for a little after all.
Soon enough you’ll miss the mess,
Sticky fingers, mismatched socks and satisfied smiles.

Accept the mess
Put down the cloth and play a while,
You’ll be happy that you did.
Superheroes wearing Daddy’s pants are awfully amusing.
Shaking water out the sippy cup is actually rather fun.
And remember if the mess causes stress retreat to your corner
Breath in and out – maybe hide a block of chocolate for an energy boost.
Then take a deep breath and plunge right in.
Indulge in every moment.
That’s what it’s all about, after all.


Words and image (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Capturing a rainbow

Rain plus sunshine equals a rainbow
What an awesome sight,
The sky filled with colours so bright.
I love to just sit and stare.
counting all the colours, seven.
But then it fades away,
Maybe it will be back another day.

The weatherman said
Sunny with rain today,
The perfect setting for a rainbow.
Today I’ll capture it
Using my sketchbook and paint
So it wont fade away
I’ll keep it, it’ll stay.

My paintbox has only three colours though
The ones they call primary:
Red, blue and yellow.
But rainbows have seven colours
And the clouds are starting to form.
How will I find four more?
I think for a moment and scratch my head,
Then remember something I once read

Mix two primary colours equally and soon you’ll see something amazing, truly
A transformation into colours new, the ones they call secondary
Orange, green and purple too.
Red plus yellow equals orange
Yellow plus blue equals green
Red plus blue equals purple

What about indigo (also called dark blue)?
I remember something about this too:
Mostly blue with a little red equals indigo.
Now I am ready, the paints are all mixed
All I need is a rainbow to capture…

The sun is shining and its starting to rain
The rainbow is here again!
Showing all the colours
Red, orange and yellow too
Then its green followed by blue
Purple and indigo are the last two.

Rain plus sunshine equals a rainbow
What an awesome sight
So fantastic with colours so bright
I love to just sit and stare
counting all the colours, seven.
Today I captured my own rainbow
I’ll keep it, it will stay
Until it fills the sky another day.


Words and image copyright Lisa Moralee McLardy