Do you remember how joyful it was to draw when you were a kid?

Do you remember how joyful it was to draw when you were a kid?
To draw something just because you wanted to, without worry about whether you could or what the result would be. Imagine how wonderful it would be to revisit that feeling and just sketch something for the joy of it!

Last year I took part in a #sketchtember challenge and it was rewarding in so many ways. Mostly because it reminded me about the excitement of a blank page and the challenge/ joy of attempting to recreate images captured in imagination, even if they didn’t always turn out as planned. One of the biggest lessons was realising that doing is more important then perfection.

I also met some amazing people and artists along the way.

I really would love to recreate that #sketchtember joy so I have created a prompt list.

30 prompts, 30 days, 30 sketches. They aren’t any rules really just sketch something using traditional or digital means and post on stories or your grid. I have created a new hashtag #wecreateforjoy for the challenge so we can all see each other’s creations. Also pls tag so I can see and share your creations.

That’s it from me. Thanks for reading and hope you will join in and sketch, sketch, sketch!!!

Sending 💜💜💜 to you all!

Sometimes you just need to…STOP

I’m not exactly sure what Carson was looking at (or for) in this photo.

But it I made me think about stopping and smelling the blooms, ideal timing being Spring and all.

Sometimes you just need to


And smell the smells

Look up and absorb the blue

And clouds of tone

Sometimes you just need to

Take a moment in the moments to



Sometimes you just need to

Spread your arms out wide,

Spin multiple times until you are dizzy,

Jump your highest jump,

Pick a stick or many

Maybe a rock or two

It seems a lot

But it’s not

Sometimes you just need to

Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Find a moment to take a moment

The weekend is here (the last weekend of January!) Busy moments have already taken hold in our home. Feels like everything is on fast forward. Has it been the same for you?

The beach always comes to mind when things get hectic.

One of our goals for the weekend it to find a moment to take a moment… .

Find a moment,

Take a moment

To evaluate

To breath

To rejuvenate

To appreciate

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

More today means less stress tomorrow!

We are striving to be more organised and tick the list. During this process I am learning more and more that sometimes just one more thing can make a big difference, even if it is tidying the toys before bed or organising breakfast the night before. It doesn’t have to be a big thing just something.

More today means less stress tomorrow!

Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

I have a little dream, it whispers in the morning…

I have a little dream

It whispers in the morning “please make time for me,

Just a little moment,

While you have a cup of tea.”

I make my dream a promise

“Let’s check in a two”

Then I go about my day,

Listing things to do.

It’s all so very busy

And soon enough it’s two.

My dream is right on time,

But I am nowhere to be seen

I remember I missed the meeting and think

I’ll show up at three

But then I have that thing,

So I don’t

I have a little dream,

It shouts in the evening

“Where were you?”

I say “I’m very sorry,

Tomorrow is anew.

Let’s arrange a meeting,

Just me and you

I’ll be there, let’s make before two.”

My dream says “will you really?

You’ve promised for a while.

I’ll only wait for so long,

Make some time,

Don’t let it pass you by.”

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

Why wait until one day to do what you love?

Don’t wait until one day

To do what you love


Every duck has been discovered and placed in a row


You have found greener grass and watched it grow


You have cleared away all the winter snow

Deep down you know

Something is there

The subject of your daydream

Your personal creativity,

Whatever it be

Its waiting for you to take a chance

To accept the inspiration

And embrace initiation into a new existence,

The one you describe as one day

Why wait until one day to do what you love?

Today could be the day,

If you want it to be

The chance is yours make

Whatever it be,

Set your personal creativity free.

Words and image ©️Lisa Moralee McLardy

Tell yourself you can

Tell yourself you can, you’ll believe it eventually.

Tell yourself you can’t, you’ll believe it instantly.

It takes time to believe in yourself

A daily check-in of mindset,

Regular meetings,

Charts and the like

A flitter of light amongst the shadows of doubt.

It takes time to believe in yourself,

A daily check-in of mindset

Until eventually…

No meeting required,

New habit acquired

Tell yourself you can, you’ll believe it eventually.

Words and image (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy