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Yoga family moments

I enjoy doing yoga ( #yogawithadriene ) and the boys often get involved. Either by trying to do the poses or climbing on me – it’s usually the latter😂

They have been rather interested in this yoga book we checked out from the library, Yoga Whale: Simple Poses for Little Ones by Sarah Jane Hinder.

It is so beautiful illustrated with bright colors and an array of sea creatures. Each page has a different yoga pose to try. The book also has helpful instructions at the end of the book.

I’m sure the boys will continue to enjoy this fun, informative book.

Title: Yoga Whale: Simple Poses for Little Ones

Author: Sarah Jane Hinder

Publisher: Sounds True, Inc

Year: 2019

Happy page turning x

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“Prepare, if you dare”

Happy Halloween everyone! I had to take the time to share one of our favourite Halloween books, A Halloween Scare in Washington, D.C. (Prepare If You Dare) written by Eric James and illustrated by Marina Le Ray.

“Prepare, if you dare, for a night full of thrills, when Washington, D.C. gave everyone thrills.”

This such a fun read to be enjoyed by all ages. It has everything spooky with fantastic illustrations. The boys just love reading it over and over and pointing at the pictures.

We recommend giving this book a read.

Title: A Halloween Scare in Washington, D.C. (Prepare If You Dare)

Author: Eric James

Illustrator: Marina Le Ray

Publisher: Sourcebooks Jabberwocky (2015)

Happy page turning x

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This Halloween (and next Halloween)

Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski is one of our favourite Halloween books. It was given to the boys at a Halloween party last year and it has been enjoyed many times since.

Meg the witch is getting ready for the spell party. After putting on her black stockings, shoes, cloak and hat she makes an interesting breakfast using 3 eggs, bread, cocoa, a kipper, milk and jam.

“She put it all in her cauldron and stirred it up

There was plenty of breakfast for everyone”

Meg then flies up the chimney with Mog and joins her friends for the spell party. They each add something to the cauldron and chant the spell.

“Frog in a big

Bat in a hat

Snap crackle pop

And fancy that”

A flash and a bang later the spell is complete but it didn’t go according to plan. Meg will have to try again “next Hallowe’en”.

This fun Halloween story is complemented by bold and colourful illustrations.

We recommend reading Meg and Mog this Halloween (and next Halloween)!

Title: Meg and Mog

Author: Helen Nicoll

Illustrator: Jan Pienkowski

Publisher: Penguin

Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy 2018

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The start of Halloween fun

One of my favourite things is reading Halloween books with the boys. It’s always an exciting task taking the Halloween themed books out of storage and revisiting the spooky tales and characters. They get so excited listening to the stories and looking at the pictures over and over.

Throughout the month we will share Halloween themed books that we love. First up is That’s Not My Witch by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells. This Usborne “touchy-feely” book follows a variety of friendly witches.

“that’s not my witch. Her skirt is too soft.”

Each pages has a bright illustration, Halloween themed colours and a different textured patch. As with all the Usborne “touchy-feely” books the kids enjoyed feeling the different textures throughout the book.

This short and sweet book has been enjoyed many times already. We recommend giving That’s Not My Witch a read.

Title: That’s Not My Witch

Author: Fiona Watt

Illustrator: Rachel Wells

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd 2017

Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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A reread straight away kind of book

Big Box Little Box by Carl Hart and Illustrated by Edward Underwood is a reread straight away kind of book. For us it was also a renew from the library kind of book.

It’s an amusing story of a cat who interacts with an array of boxes and has a lot of fun along the way.

“Big box

Little box

Huge box

Thin box

Fat box”

Who knew there were so many types of boxes!

Additionally a special friendship is formed with an unlikely creature – who squeeks.

The illustrations are bright, fun and playful. We just love it and reccomend giving Big Box Little Box a read and reread.

Title: Big Box Little Box

Author: Caryl Hart

Illustrator: Edward Underwood

Publisher: Bloomsbury Publishing 2017

Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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The best recipe ever!

A Recipe for Playtime by Peter Bentley & Sarah Massini
A Recipe for Playtime by Peter Bentley & Sarah Massini

Just had to take some time to talk about this beautifully illustrated book: A Recipe for Playtime by Peter Bentley & Sarah Massini. We discovered it on a recent library trip and it’s been a big hit, particularly for Carson (and me).

The story is written like a recipe but is about all the fun things to do at playtime, like paint, play hide-and-seek and much more.

“Take a box of coloured blocks. Lift up lid. Tip up box. See them rising… add one more… See them TUMBLE to the floor.”

After all the fun it’s time to snuggle with a good book and have a nap.

“Softly, softly, creep away. Soon we’ll be back to play.”

I love how the story is written like you are following a recipe. The colourful illustrations and rhyming text adds to the enjoyment of the book.

We recommend following this recipe, the best recipe ever!

Author: Peter Bentley

Illustrator: Sarah Massini

Publisher: Hodder Children’s Books 2017

Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy 2018

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One of our favourite bedtime stories

Nothing beats a good bedtime story. We love reading before bedtime and have a a few favourite titles that never seem to get old.

Goodnight Tractor by Michelle Robinson and illustrated by Nick East is one of our favourites. The pages have been turned and turned. It was a 2nd birthday gift from one of our dear friends (Owen’s first friend in fact) and we have been reading it ever since. Owen (4.5 years old) and Carson (recently turned 2) throughly enjoy Goodnight Tractor. They love to get involved and say the words with us.

“the stars are out, it’s time for bed so say goodnight my sleepy head”

The story helps set the tone for bedtime as we follow a little boy on his night time routiene. Where he says goodnight to his toy farm, including the animals, combine and tractor of course.

“Goodnight donkey. Goodnight duck. Goodnight pig and goodnight sheep…”

The rhyming text is complimented by fantastic illustrations which both transport us into a night time farm setting.

We most definitely recommend reading Goodnight Tractor.

“Goodnight tractor, time to sleep”

Title: Goodnight Tractor

Author: Michelle Robinson

Illustrator: Nick East

Publisher: Puffin Books

Happy page turning x

©️Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Book review: Fish by Fiona Watt, Usborne Publishing Ltd

Fish by Fiona Wells, Usborne Publishing Ltd

I’m realising more and more how precious memories are attached to the stories we read to our little people. I love rereading certain titles and reminiscing about milestones, family trips or reading in the fort on a rainy day. We have a few memories attached to this brightly illustrated cloth book entitled Fish, a Usborne cloth book written by Fiona Watt and illustrated by Rachel Wells. Like may of our favourites books I gladly know it off by heart.

“Freddie the fish follows the bubbles…” on an adventure to find his friend Frankie. We meet a few friendly sea creatures along the way including starfish, a crab and jellyfish.

Every time we turn these pages it brings a smile. This was Owen’s first cloth book, he kept it in the bed with him during nap time and loved making crab claws with his hands when Freddie the fish swims “in front of the crab with big claws…”

Eventually when Owen started to talk he would call out ‘fish‘or ‘crab‘. My most favourite part was when Freddie says “Hello Frankie! I been trying to find you.” At this point Owen would shout out ‘Hello Frankie, I’m Bibim!’ (this was what Owen Called himself for ages).

Fish has recently become one of Carson’s favourite books. We told him all about Owen’s adaption of the story and he thinks it’s halarious. Both boys laugh every time we get to the end of the story and say ‘Hello Frankie, I’m Bibim.’

We all recommend making your own special memories and reading Fish.

Title: Fish

Author: Fiona Watt

Illustrator: Rachel Wells

Publisher: Usborne Publishing Ltd

Happy page turning x

(C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

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WOW! said the Owl by Tim Hopgood


WOW! Said the Owl by Tim Hopgood

Colours have been the theme of the household recently. From teaching our 1 year old Carson the colours (orange seems to be the favourite and it conveniently also seems to be his favourite fruit) to teaching Owen (4 years old) about the primary colours (red, yellow and blue) and how to mix them to create the secondary colours (orange, purple and green). We have also been looking at all the colours of the rainbow.

Sticking with the colour theme it feels appropriate to suggest WOW! said the Owl by Tim Hopgood. This vibrantly coloured book is one of my personal favourites – another great read provided in Owen’s toddler Bookbug bag.

The story follows a curious owl who fights her nocturnal instinct sleep all day. Instead she sleeps all night and wakes with the morning sun. Immediately she she is amazed by all the fantastic colours.

“WOW” said the owl. She couldn’t believe her eyes! The sky was a warm and wonderful pink.

Readers join in her journey and soon enough an array of vibrant colours are discovered in the clouds, trees, butterflies and more. The sun is still shining but then it starts to rain resulting in a rainbow.

“WOW!” said the owl as a beautiful rainbow filled the sky with colour.

As night approaches the colours start to change. The evening sky is filled with its own variety of fantastic colours. She soon concludes:

But “WOW! said the owl”
“The night-time stars are the most beautiful of all”

Additionally the book has a colour pallet on the last page which encourages readers to have a another look through the book to spot individual colours.

Both boys really love this book and we find ourselves rereading it over and over in one sitting. All I can say is WOW! We definitely recommend reading this entertaining and educational book.

Title: WOW! Said the Owl
Author: Tim Hopgood
Publisher: Macmillan Children’s Books

Happy page turning x















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Harry and the Dinosaurs say “Raahh!” by Ian Whybrow

Harry and the Dinosaurs say “Raahh!”  (by Ian Whybrow) was a fitting read this week as we prepared both boys for a trip to the dentist. Hubby and I stratagised the order of events – who will go first and most importantly which snacks shall we take? A chocolate spread sandwich (as per Owen’s request) or sliced cucumber and pepper? We opted for the non-sugary snacks – hopefully the dentist was impressed. ‘Maybe a chocolate spread sandwich when we leave, Owen’ whispered Mummy.


Harry and the Dinosaurs always provide fantastic adventures with lessons along the way.  In Harry and the Dinosaurs say “Raahh!” Harry is preparing himself and his is dinosaurs for their own trip to the dentist. Feelings of trepidation are felt by the dinosaurs, especially Tyrannosaurus. Harry soon puts their minds at ease “don’t worry, because when we get there, I shall press a magic button on my bucket, and that will make you grow big”.

Harry and the Dinosaurs say “Raahh!” was a fun and exciting read. It also helped to highlight elements experienced at the dentist like the big chair “it goes up and down” as well as the drill and brushing your teeth.

Our little people didn’t take a bucket of dinosaurs with a magic button, rather a large backpack filled with an array of toys. A simple trip to the dentist looked like we were ready to camp out for the night, but if i’m honest it did come in handy! Incase you were wondering the boys’ visit went well, they both sat independently in the big chair and said raahh!- I mean ahhh!

Whether you are visiting the dentist or not we recommend reading Harry and the Dinosaurs say “Raahh!”

Title: Harry and the Dinosaurs say “Raahh!”
Author: Ian Whybrow
Publisher: Puffin Books

Happy page turning x