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Yoga family moments

I enjoy doing yoga ( #yogawithadriene ) and the boys often get involved. Either by trying to do the poses or climbing on me – it’s usually the latter😂

They have been rather interested in this yoga book we checked out from the library, Yoga Whale: Simple Poses for Little Ones by Sarah Jane Hinder.

It is so beautiful illustrated with bright colors and an array of sea creatures. Each page has a different yoga pose to try. The book also has helpful instructions at the end of the book.

I’m sure the boys will continue to enjoy this fun, informative book.

Title: Yoga Whale: Simple Poses for Little Ones

Author: Sarah Jane Hinder

Publisher: Sounds True, Inc

Year: 2019

Happy page turning x

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They journeyed along

In a sand boat

With a sock for a sail

Searching for a lock,

A lock for the key

The one discovered recently

On a journey that prequels this one,

A tale for another day.

They followed the water trail

To the sign that read: Five o three

They knew what it meant immediately

So they waited

And waited patiently,

Soon after the clock struck

The sun shone beautifully

Through the trees a many

To reveal a door

A door with a locked lock,

They were in luck

As they floated towards their fate

A holler was sounded

It echoed

It reverberated off the water

Causing ripples in its wake

They realised the journey would need to pause

For dinner was ready

(Spaghetti and meatballs)

They buried the key in the sand boat

For safekeeping

And so it will stay

Until another day

When the tale evolves

Into a sequel

#brightblueballoon #asockforasai

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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The month of May

This month, the month of may…

M A Y Y O U B E :




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Sometimes you just need to…STOP

I’m not exactly sure what Carson was looking at (or for) in this photo.

But it I made me think about stopping and smelling the blooms, ideal timing being Spring and all.

Sometimes you just need to


And smell the smells

Look up and absorb the blue

And clouds of tone

Sometimes you just need to

Take a moment in the moments to



Sometimes you just need to

Spread your arms out wide,

Spin multiple times until you are dizzy,

Jump your highest jump,

Pick a stick or many

Maybe a rock or two

It seems a lot

But it’s not

Sometimes you just need to

Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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The prompt for day 2 of the #springhashtagchallenge (with @edinburghwithkids and @littlepaperswan ) is #bloom

Here is my contribution for the day. Been feeling inspired by Spring and all it brings. Also been doing in a bit of paper collage, just because. I must say it was rather therapeutic. Oh and of course cup of tea was not far away!

Hope you all find time to do something you enjoy.


Make time

Find a way

Just a little each day

Find something

Carved by you

Something that’s yours

For you

Make a moment

Be in bloom


Happy page turning x

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Craft: Decorative Easter Eggs

We have recently moved and have a number of boxes! Needless to say we have built a number of forts, stores and houses. This week we have put some of the packaging materials to good use and made decorative Easter eggs.

It took a bit of research to name the types of board/packaging materials we used but I can confirm we used honeycomb board and corrugated cardboard sheets!

Materials we used:

  • Honeycomb board
  • Corrugated cardboard sheets
  • Magazines
  • Sticky tape
  • Scissors
  • Pen

After drawing an egg shape on the honeycomb board I cut it out and peeled the sheet of cardboard off one side.

The fun followed as to the boys tore pages out of the magazines, crumpled them up and placed them in the holes on the board.

After they were finished I used some of the corrugated cardboard sheets to make a border around the eggs, which was stuck on using sticky tape.

Owen and Carson thoroughly enjoyed this craft and were happy with their decorative eggs. It was easy for them to do and they had fun ripping the paper and crumpling it.

There was little mess to clean up afterwards, in fact it all went in the recycling!

Happy page turning and crafting x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Bullet journal for the fridge

I do like a bullet journal and try to make use of one as much as possible. I am a visual person and need to be reminded of things /dates on our schedule.

I decided to try be productive this morning and make these bullet journal calendars to stick on the fridge. That way we can see our schedule and be reminded throughout the day.

Hopefully they will help us on our quest to be super organised!

What do you do to help remember things on your schedule?

Happy page turning x

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Hold on tight to the string

Just over year ago I felt inspired to start this blog and instagram account (@abrightblueballoon). I had just started illustrating the children’s book I wrote about a bright blue balloon (entitled A Wonderful Thing to Win).

I have always loved to write and its been a part of my journey for quite some time. Additionally I have always loved art and being creative, this unfortunately was put on the shelf for a while. It was something I ironically never had time for.

My children have provided me with a world of creativity and joy which has lead to a rediscovery. An opportunity to clear the dust and explore. This is a place to share and be creative. It’s not easy to allocate time to this space with little ones but I am grateful when I do manage to make time. is place to share stories, poems, drawings, photos and books we love. So far I love seeing where the bright blue balloon will float to next, what will we discover and where will it be?

This is a poem inspired by the bright blue balloon journey and the pages we turn.

Hold on tight to the string

Tie a loop in the string,

hold on tight

To the blue balloon, so bright

Float up, up ,up

And begin…

Soar through journeys told,

And yet to be discovered,

Journeys far or just a step in the cupboard,

Journeys with an important date – not to be late,

Journeys to woods of enchantment or caves of wonders

Look below

Remember the things you know

Look up

Soar high

Roam the sky

Question why

Learn the reasons

Enter worlds of imagination

Epic wonders,

Unique creations

Hold on tight to

The loop on the string

Absorb everything

Take a moment,

Take many

Pause and reflect

Before you float down, down, down

Reach the last page,

With the looming full stop


It’s complete

You are still you but more

Different to before

The words stay with you

They are now a part of your existence

Let them inspire

Let them be free

Until the next journey begins,

With the turn of a page

And once more you float up, up ,up




Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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Craft: Mix and match robots

This week we have had fun creating our own mix and match robots. The boys really enjoyed them and it kept them occupied for a while.

After drawing the robots on A4 paper we coloured them in.

I cut each picture into three strips and then the boys had fun mixing and matching.

What kind of mix and match characters would you make?

I think we will make aliens next 🙂

Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy