I have a little dream…

Sometimes it takes longer to start then it does to finish.

We all have dreams that nag us. And it’s easy wait. To procrastinate and wait for the perfect time or moment to start.

But if you start today, even if it’s just 5 minuets then the journey begins and you will be on the path, the path that has a finish line.

I have a little dream

I have a little dream

It whispers in the morning “Please make time for me,

Just a little moment,

While you have a cup of tea.”

I make my dream a promise “Let’s check in a two”

Then I go about my day,

Listing things to do.

It’s all so very busy

And soon enough it’s two.

My dream is right on time,

But I’m nowhere to be seen…

I have a little dream,

It shouts in the evening “Where were you?”

I say “I’m very sorry,

Tomorrow is anew.

Let’s arrange a meeting,

Just me and you

I’ll be there, let’s make before two.”

My dream says “Will you really?

You’ve promised for a while.

I’ll only wait so long,

Make some time,

Don’t let it pass you by.”

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Image and text (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

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