To all the Mary Poppins fans: I totally get it!

I remember watching Mary Poppins as a child but I don’t remember rewatching it so the details have always been a bit of a blur.

I think I preferred pure animation, opposed to live-action animated films. And I much preferred rewatching Alice in Wonderland as much as possible (I can literally recite the script!)

I am pretty fascinated by Walt Disney and enjoy reading biographies and watching documentaries about his life. I have watched Saving Mr Banks a few times and after a recent watch I felt inspired to read Mary Poppins by P.L. Travers. I reserved a copy at our local library and after a weeks wait I started to turn the pages of this beloved story. And the pages they did turn. In fact I couldn’t put it down.

Each of the twelve chapters left me wanting more. More magic, more adventure, more of Mary Poppins. Thank goodness there are more books in the series (there are eight in total), as I felt very sad when a Mary Poppins “pops out” with the West Wind.

As the newest Marry Poppins fan I am in search of all of her adventures. Additionally I am looking forward to watching the classic Disney version of Mary Poppins, in live-action animation of course.

If you haven’t already, I recommend turning the pages of this magical book.

Title: Mary Poppins

Author: P.L. Travers

Illustrator: Mary Shepard

Publisher: Harcourt, Inc

Happy page turning x

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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