Daydream in full swing

Daydreams and reality

Are toying with me

The chores to tick

The lists to make

The bulbs to replace

All are calling loudly

Impossible to ignore

Yet easy to resist

For a dreamer of the day

Drifting to and fro

Before you know

My daydream is here

In full swing

Worlds of forever

Tales locked in chests

Wonderment, eccentricity

All things whimsical

Are dreaming with me

They listen for a while

Without agenda or trepidation

They calm the waters

They inspire

They get carried away

They wonder

A while comes to a close for the day

For reality is reality

And the bulbs won’t change themselves

To and fro slows to a stop

It’s daydream’s time for zzz

©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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