Fireworks remind me it’s August

I always know when August has arrived because around 10:20pm we can hear the fireworks from the Edinburgh Royal Military Tattoo (I had the pleasure of attending the event a few years ago and it has become one of my treasured memories). A few evenings ago I was looking for some inspiration and almost immediately the sound of fireworks caught my attention. This poem and illustration followed.

The night canvas is silent, still



Buckets of colour rise up

And splash across the night sky,

As if Jackson Pollock stopped by

Moments of wonder

Colours galore

Faces in awe,

Hoping for more

An interval…



Another offering

Which colours will be

Red, no purple maybe

An array – all at once

Flashing sparks of colour,

Fill the sky repeatedly

Like Highland dancers,

They twirl and leap

Until the performance is complete

A moment of appreciation before

The crowd disperses




The night canvas returns once more






Happy page turning x

Words and image ©️ Lisa Moralee McLardy

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