Summer cleaning is the new spring cleaning at our house

“Organizing is what you do before you do it, so that when you do it, it’s not all mixed up”

– A.A. Milne

This is the latest quote to go on our sticky note wall of wisdom (also known as the side of the fridge).

I am rather partial to organising videos and tips. And have been known to use our constant supply of nappy boxes for storage solutions.

We are determined to have a spring clean at the moment or as it’s a little late let’s call it a summer clean – that way I don’t feel disorganised having a late start. The list of tasks seems endless. And more often then not it feels like we are going round in circles.

My little people like to join in the cleaning fun, which is always fun. They particularly love to vacuum, so much so that a 15 minute job takes around 45 minutes. Especially when they give up on the actual task at hand and decide it’s more fun to wrestle the vacuum (or sea monster)… Maybe our summer clean will turn into an autumn one.

In the meantime I’ll be sure to revisit these wise words from A.A. Milne…a lot. A reminder to take a step back and have a plan.

Quote by A.A. Milne

Happy pages turning x

Words and image (C) Lisa Moralee McLardy

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