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Capturing a rainbow

Rain plus sunshine equals a rainbow
What an awesome sight,
The sky filled with colours so bright.
I love to just sit and stare.
counting all the colours, seven.
But then it fades away,
Maybe it will be back another day.

The weatherman said
Sunny with rain today,
The perfect setting for a rainbow.
Today I’ll capture it
Using my sketchbook and paint
So it wont fade away
I’ll keep it, it’ll stay.

My paintbox has only three colours though
The ones they call primary:
Red, blue and yellow.
But rainbows have seven colours
And the clouds are starting to form.
How will I find four more?
I think for a moment and scratch my head,
Then remember something I once read

Mix two primary colours equally and soon you’ll see something amazing, truly
A transformation into colours new, the ones they call secondary
Orange, green and purple too.
Red plus yellow equals orange
Yellow plus blue equals green
Red plus blue equals purple

What about indigo (also called dark blue)?
I remember something about this too:
Mostly blue with a little red equals indigo.
Now I am ready, the paints are all mixed
All I need is a rainbow to capture…

The sun is shining and its starting to rain
The rainbow is here again!
Showing all the colours
Red, orange and yellow too
Then its green followed by blue
Purple and indigo are the last two.

Rain plus sunshine equals a rainbow
What an awesome sight
So fantastic with colours so bright
I love to just sit and stare
counting all the colours, seven.
Today I captured my own rainbow
I’ll keep it, it will stay
Until it fills the sky another day.


Words and image copyright Lisa Moralee McLardy


I am a Mum of two gorgeous, inquisitive, energetic boys. We love to read and play. I have have a passion for reading and writing, which is often inspired by my little people. is a place to share the books we love, favourite quotes, poems and stories.

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