Good Night Like This by Mary Murphy

This sweet bedtime story (by Mary Murphy) has become one of my favourites (and the boys too of course). It was one of the books in Carson’s toddler Bookbug Bag. We have enjoyed (and reread) all the books introduced through BookbugGood Night, Like This has not failed to impress. Its the end of the day and we have the opportunity to say goodnight to an array of adorable creatures including bunnies, bears and ducks.

One of my favourite things about the book are the illustrations and colours. Deep shades of blue, orange and purple span the book setting the tone for bedtime. Also split-page flaps are used to show the animals transitioning from awake to asleep.

We highly recommend snuggling up and reading Good Night, Like This.

“Good night, bears, sleep tight…like this. Good night!”

Title: Good Night Like This
Author: Mary Murphy
Publisher: Walker Books

Happy page turning x

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