The Snuggle Sandwich

Title: The Snuggle Sandwich
Author: Malachy Doyle and illustrated by Gwen Millward
Publisher: Anderson Press

I proudly know all the words to The Snuggle Sandwich, as my one year old (Carson) loves this story so much. We picked it up in our library run one Saturday morning in December last year and have since renewed it…twice!

Annie wakes in the quiet morning and enjoys a snuggle with Mum and Dad but soon the hustle an bustle of a busy morning takes hold. Annie misplaces her teddy and he is not  found until all is quiet in the house once more.

The storyline is really lovely and makes you stop and appreciate the precious moments that we have every day, sometimes lost in the chaos of routines and schedules. The story also rhymes which just adds to the fun and enjoyment for parents and children alike.

I (and Carson) would definitely recommend having a snuggle and reading The Snuggle Sandwich together.

Happy page turning x

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