Find the Rhyme: Animals!

Title: Find the Rhyme: Animals!
Author: Books for Little Ones
Published: Printed by Amazon

This bright and colourful book was given to my 4 year old (Owen) for Christmas from my oldest and dearest friend. From the first read to the hundredth it has been a big hit. He enjoys playing the rhyming game over and over and shouting out the answers to the puzzles.

The book is filled with beautifully illustrated animals that accompany each puzzle like “What rhymes with house?” and “what rhymes with dish?”

I (and Owen) recommend finding the rhymes and having great fun with this book.

Happy page turning x



One thought on “Find the Rhyme: Animals!

  1. Yes. have quite a few animal poems, a few are on my blog. One you may particularly like is ‘Arachnophilia’. Just type the title in ‘Search’ and it will appear 🙂

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